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What We Offer

Lowpoly Hero

Our title debut, Lowpoly Hero, offers the most casual gameplay you'll probably ever experience. This game was inspired by classic titles and gives you that straight-forward level crawling experience!

Games Designed By Feedback!

We take every effort to implement the things people ask us to put in our games. Our games are literally a work in progress ALL THE TIME. This is because as long as players are submitting feedback to us, we are working to build a game players are asking for. Submit it to us via our Facebook page, our Contact link here on the main page or our discussion pages on Steam.

Future Releases

We currently have a sequel in the works to Lowpoly hero, as well as two more games on the drawing board. The sequel will be very different from the original. It will offer a completely different gameplay experience, but still retain its visual style.


May 20, New Project and New Child!

Hey, I know I haven't given any update recently... that's because my wife and I just welcomed our new daughter into this world last month. I've been juggling development, 2 children and all my projects here in Africa for the past month.

About that new project.... it officially has a title which I'll reveal in another update(once I have an entire page dedicated to that game) along with some screen shots of the world I've been creating. Long story short, I made a massive landscape that can be explored. How big you say? 400 square kilometers of open world filled with harsh environments, relentless enemies and crazy "dungeons" to explore.

April 2, Big New Title In The Works

Hey everybody, big new title we are working on. I hate to say this, but we are putting Lowpoly Heroes on the back burner temporarily. A lot of the feedback I've received has been specifically for this new title and I'd like to start working on it while the ideas are fresh. In the next couple of weeks I'd like to be able to put some pictures up from the game play.

The new title is going to be a Role-Playing Shooter. It'll have first person and third person perspective as well as traditional group mechanics. By that I mean it will have classes dedicated to certain roles in the group, such as healing and tanking. Every class will have unique abilities that will strengthen the group. Many of the classic mechanics from old MMO's will be present in this game, such as questing, an XP curve as you level, groups with dependent roles and enemies that need a proper build to go up against. In a few more weeks I'll have some test footage of the game as well as a release on the name. 

Stay tuned for more details.

Mar. 19, Something We Support!

Here's a nice article on a potential change to the current copyright law. It explains how under certain circumstances there should be exemptions from copyright protection and infringement. But why would a developer support such a thing?

Well, to put it simply, what some of these companies have done with their intellectual property is the equivalent of stealing from the customer. Basically, a publisher will release a game that has exclusive on-line functionality, then when the game isn't making enough revenue they close the servers down. Customers will have paid an up front fee on the game itself and possibly even a monthly subscription up until the game goes off-line.

Where does that leave the customer? It leaves them with a disc they can't do anything with. A customer that bought a game up front for $60, and a year later bought the expansion disc for another $60, and continued to loyally pay a $15/month subscription fee for 8 years paid a grand total of $1560 for that one game. Then the publisher, or current owner, decides to pull the plug on the servers without releasing some form of "end-user" product for the customer so they can keep playing offline.

Sounds like the customer got robbed, huh? In my own personal opinion, yes I think they did get robbed in one way or another. This is why Know Such Luck will ALWAYS have some form of "end-user" game, even if we launched an "On-line Only" game, there would be an off-line version if the servers' population wasn't high enough... if the costs to maintain servers was greater than our revenue, we would just give you the off-line version. End of rant.. click the link to read what I was talking about.

Mar. 19, Hey... What's Been Going On?

Hey everybody, I realize it's been a good 2 weeks since I've made any updates here. Unfortunately, due to many circumstances I have not been actively developing Lowpoly Heroes. Between PR work after release of the first title, the massive back-up power project and my wife being 9 months pregnant, it's been difficult to find time to develope.

Not to say there hasn't been anything being developed. On the contrary, I've been getting a ton of feedback on one of our titles that's still on the drawing board. Possibly 2 more projects from now I will be cranking out a massive Role-Playing Shooter. It's going to have traditional group dynamics, a massive world that can be explored, and a ton of other features that made classic MMORPG's so much fun!

Mar. 5, Big Project Here In Africa Complete

As I said before I actually live in East Africa doing a lot of humanitarian work. My latest project came to completion not too long ago, and it was me working on this massive project that halted development and caused a lack of updates and posts. I had the privilege of designing and building a back-up power system for a local emergency health clinic that specializes in providing care for children and infants. Click the link to hear all about it

About Us

What We're About

Here at Know Such Luck, we strive to make affordable, quality new video games. We aren't here to sell you part of a game, and then make you pay for the rest of the game as a "DLC". We will never use item malls, micro-transactions or make you pay for anything additional once you purchase our products.

Games As A Service

This is a very broad term developers use when talking about their games, and it's usually different from company to company, and from game to game.  For us, it means that our games will literally be a service, and only at the cost of the face value of the game. This means that we will never release updates or DLC at an extra fee, once you paid your dues the game is yours and all future updates and content will be yours as well.

About Me

Know Such Luck is actually just one guy who exclusively hires independent developers, animators, 3d modelers, sound fx studios and the like to put together indie games. So, there's no media team, no advertising team, no specific level design team or anything like that... One guy compiling assets from many different developers into the games you see.

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Check out my gameplay videos and making-of videos to see the work before and after. Make sure your volume is up and your standards are lowered!

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