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Lowpoly Hero

You play as the main protagonist, Hero. You have your trusty sword and shield. The Kingdom's princess has been kidnapped. With all the cliches in place you are ready to embark on your adventure to save the princess and vanquish any enemies that stand in your way!

Coming Soon... Lowpoly Heroes

Already in development is the sequel to Lowpoly Hero... appropriately named Lowpoly Heroes. In this adventure, the King is kidnapped, but now you can play as several of the different friendly characters, including Chassis, Princess Elle, Shop Gnome and the Guardian! Switch between characters and progress through the areas as whoever you want!

More Coming Soon...

There's at least 2 other projects either in the works or on the development board at the moment besides the sequel. The sequel is slated for a mid-year release and the other project is slated for an end-of-year release. More details on both in the future!


Here's a trailer for the original Lowpoly Hero... check back to see updates, making-of videos, character creation, level design and more.... soon to come!

Lowpoly Hero

What's It About?

It was heavily inspired by classic adventure/RPG games and uses very basic mechanics, you know, hack and slash level crawling. You play as the hero, Hero, and must save the princess. She is somewhere in the 101 levels where you must slay enemies and make your way through each area. Or don't, all areas are unlocked from the start... so choose where you want to go instead!


  • OS- Windows 7 or above
  • Processor- Intel Core Duo or above
  • Memory- 1GB
  • Graphics- 256MB dedicated
  • Storage- 13GB

This was tested on a computer with lower specs than this and worked at the cost of reduced fps.


Since this game was released exclusively on Steam(at the moment), it stands that it can receive updates. This will come after feedback from customers. One idea already is that we could add either more levels or higher difficulties... or both! It all depends on what the players want. You can send your thoughts to our contact link on the main page, Facebook page or discussions page in the Steam store.

Will This Be On Other Systems?

Currently, it is not. There is a process in order to release on consoles, which is on a game by game basis. This game might also not be up to par with big company standards, but the interest in releasing on consoles is there on our end. Currently, the only video game console it will be released on is PC.

What About Mac?



Yes, as a matter of fact our next project is a sequel to Lowpoly Hero. It involves massive open levels, better environment lighting, more playable characters, more enemies, more puzzles, more easter eggs and 4th-wall breaking. Did you want to play as Chassis and give a Were-Pig a haymaker? You'll be able to!

Lowpoly Heroes

What's It About?

In this adventure the King is actually kidnapped this time. You gather your friends and embark on your journey to save the King. You will have to rid the enemies from the Kingdom, travel through the outskirts of town, find your way through the forests and eliminate any enemies on your way to the enemy's Dungeon. Oh, you also get to play as several new characters!

What's New In This Adventure?

Quite a bit, as a matter of fact. This one is going to implement several new features, and will have much larger levels. It's not just Hero's journey anymore either... you will have your companion's from town joining you in this one.

More Playable Characters..?

Yes, remember in the town of Lowpoly Hero where you met Shop Gnome, Chassis and the others? Well, now you get to play as them! Each one has their own set of unique abilities that will help cater to your play style. For example, Hero is the most well-rounded, with the ability to block and dish out damage, while Gnome hurls explosive potions at the enemies! So far, the whole roster of playable characters include Hero, Princess, Guardian, Gnome and Chassis.

Release Date

We are aiming for a mid-year release, hopefully beginning on July. This is not set in stone... if something comes up we will have to push it back. Also, we don't really rely on deadlines... they put pressure on development which can be detrimental. Bugs and glitches can be overlooked, levels can come up short of original expectations, etc.. It's just not good practice, for any development team.


Currently still developing all projects on PC. Still have no intention of doing anything on Mac.

Why Should I Bother Getting The First One Then?

Well, that's completely up to the player to begin with. Both games offer completely different gameplay experiences, one being more casual and the other being objective-based in its level advancement. They will be essentially two completely different games when it comes down to it. So, no you won't be buying a "replica" game.