News and Updates

May 20, That New Title Is Making Massive Progress

I've been developing the world of this new title for the past 2 weeks. I didn't want to skimp on it, I wanted it to look amazing and be really in depth and realistic. There's going to be a lot to explore and do. That's where this development started, we will get the world "right" and then move on from there.

Real life sidenote:

Unfortunately, the place where we were staying while my wife was preparing to have our child had a really bad ground in the wiring, so I ended up not being able to work for about 3 weeks! So much development time was lost, but I was that much more focused on my wife. Needless to say, that pushed me back a bit, but I'm making up for the loss of time and will hopefully have something to show for it by next week.

April 2, New Title In The Works

So, as I've said on the main page we have a new title in the works. Unfortunately, we put Lowpoly Heroes on the back burner for now. We intend on finishing that in the future, but with a limited team(just me) and the ideas being fresh, I figured I'd jump on this title as soon as possible.

The new title is going to be a Role-Playing Shooter complete with interchangeable perspectives. Don't like 1st-person when playing a shooter? Switch it on the fly to 3rd-person. It's going to include traditional grouping mechanics where each class is going to have a designated role, and how you build your character is going to reflect the group's overall effectiveness. The time and effort you put into your character will be dependent on you... there is no item mall or pay-to-win feature in any game Know Such Luck will ever make. Whatever you have at your character's disposal will be earned.

An entire page will be published about this title in the near future with MUCH more details. Stay tune.

Mar. 5, That Big Update, Delayed

So, here's a list of the updates Lowpoly Hero is going to be getting in the next couple weeks:

  1. Added "Hard" levels. We added a "Hard" mode for all existing levels in the game. All enemies are much harder, they do double damage and have double health. They are also made out of rock materials instead of wood materials.
  2. Added a "Return To Town" button in the pause menu. We realized if you clicked on the wrong level you may want to get an instant trip back to town instead of being forced to reach the end of the level.
  3. Gave the HUD an update. We streamlined your heads-up display to be even less invasive. Instead of having your inventory and health bar scattered in all corners of your screen, everything will be together in a clean, organized display with your health bar.
  4. Added Bombs to Shop Gnome's items you can purchase. They do massive area damage and are quite fun to use on hordes of enemies.
  5. Added a material override when using potions. Now when you use strength or defense potions your armor and weapon change from a wooden material to a polished marble material.
  6. Made quite a few fixes as well. Added some missing meshes for the landscape, fixed a couple broken levels, updated how the cloud landscapes look in the cloud levels, and added LOD's for further optimization.

All these features will be made available in the next couple weeks. The update is complete, but had trouble launching it on Steam. This may have given you an error message if it was updated. If that's the case, just uninstall Lowpoly Hero and reinstall it. The update will come soon, especially now that I have an important real life project out of the way.

Sequel News

By now you're probably saying "Stop saying sequel", which I don't blame you. But that's what is being worked on right now. Currently, the "playable character" development is over with 5 working characters to choose from in the sequel. They include Hero, Princess Elle, Shop Gnome, Guardian and Chassis... all with their own unique abilities and play styles. Next up will be level design. Be sure to check out the videos on the Youtube page, as I will finally put something new up there soon!

What's Ahead?

Currently all effort is being put into the sequel, Lowpoly Heroes. So far we have several new enemies, an enhanced AI system, much better lighting quality, a targeting system with health bars on the enemies, 4 new playable characters and are hard at work with level design. The first game was intended to be more of a casual play style... turn it on, run through any level you want, automatically save your inventory and coins, minimalist menus, limited actions and very simple lighting so it can be played on the majority of computers with no need to have a heavy duty video card. Very, very casual indeed. This next one promises to be more of a full-on game. More news and details about it in the Games section.

Lowpoly Hero Is Out!

The first game published by Know Such Luck is officially out today, Jan. 24. You can find it exclusively(for now) on Steam. Click the link below to go straight to the store page.